Thursday, April 2, 2009

to the gallery

"Bathsheba"20x20" oil on canvas, is one of 12 of my paintings, and 6 of my fiber pieces headed to the WideRiver Gallery, in Colonial Beach, Va. for an April show! I'm so excited! Sorry this picture is bad, I'll post some better shots soon, including the show when it's hung..

Oh and I am listening to this magnificent piece of music:


Lorrie said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I've been exploring a bit of yours - you are wonderfully gifted. Your women of the Bible series is interesting, I like the emotions you've captured for each one that tell their story.
Your fibre arts are so richly textured - beautiful!


Annie Coe said...

I am excited for you! Good luck with the show!

Art4Sol said...

Congratulations! And please share more photos...we'd love to see them.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful painting, I too would love to see more of this series!