Monday, April 27, 2009


I have an ongoing love affair with the UK. We had the great privilege of living outside of London for 3 years, back in the 90's and I love, loved it. I drove on the other side of the road, I ate ploughman's lunches in some of the most wonderful pubs. I developed a taste for Guinness, and most of all I loved the gardens.

I love Laura Ashely, and miss her , here in the states. I know that's all out of fashion now, but who cares? The photo above is from a shop which reminds me of L.A., I would love to shop at Cabbages and Roses, I think I'd do a lot of damage there to my checking account..

I watched the end of "Little Dorrit" last night on PBS with this *ahem* actor (Matthew MacFadyen) as Arthur Clennam, sheer delight.
Oh yes, I'd have my breakfast room look like this:

Cabbages and Roses, again..

And I frolic around the garden in my summer frock, like this:
(cabbages and roses, yet again)
Back to reality, making PB & J's for the kiddies.. London will have to wait.


Jackie said...

I have to say I don't see many people frolicking about in their floaty Laura Ashley frocks here in the North of England..its too cold!
I find MYself searching for your England too..and I live here.

Jackie said...

PS I too LOVED 'that' actor as Mr Clenam. I think he could convey feeling with the merest flicker of his eyebrows.


A beautiful post, it's lovely to dream beautiful things! Carolyn