Friday, April 24, 2009


There are moments in making art that you hit the 'ugly' stage. I call it the chaos before the beauty. The background work, the cutting up of things, pinning, painting, editing. It's the stuff that needs to be done, but it's not the icing and sequin stage.

I think even abstract artist go through this. It's the stage where we all want to trash what we've worked on because it's not 'there' yet.

When I started quilting, a very wise lady said you have to enjoy the process as much (more?) than the product. I believe that is very true. I think that applies to a lot of things. Exercise for example..or art..

These are various shots of my new painting studio, with pieces of art in various stages, some in the 'ugly' stage some finished..

I love the process, at least in art-making. I like the slow, deliberate-ness of it. I was always amazed, when in art school at students who would spend hour upon hour on one painting, never breaking, just on and on.. I work a bit differently. On several at once, layer, study, let sit, dry, layer etc..
Good news as well I will soon be a member of this gallery, hopefully by May!



So glad I found your blog Lorie, I will add you to my blog list. Your art is wonderful!

Have a great weekend - Carolyn :o)
(followed your link from flickr)

Jackie said...

Oh I know that feeling!
I love the Liberty town gallery. (I even pretended I was coming from the North so I could try out the directions)

Annie Coe said...

As an abstrat painter I can tell you, my paintings often go through an ugly stage, but it usually leads to beauty :-).