Thursday, April 30, 2009


I've managed to squeeze in a little stitching and sorting time..
This is a completed quilt top from Dinah Jefferies' patterns:

All of this is hand-turned applique, and it's taken me months and months to do, I always feel like I should hand quilt these, but I may be able to over come that idea!

I loved doing those ruched flowers.. pure joy!

I do still keep up the traditional quilt making, but have also worked on art quilting as well, I'm a fence walker to the end.
Here's a landscape quilt in progress:

I'm machine appliqueing the top, then I'll go back and layer hand stitching for the smaller details..

Amazing what you find as you clean and sort your stash. All of these fabrics were hand-dyed and/or discharged by me, I loved doing the discharge fabric especially. I love the result, it's the black/star patterned stuff here..


Chris Daly said...

What a beautiful quilt top! I know what you mean about the quilting. I've been hand piecing a tumbling blocks quilt for a long time and plan to machine quilt it so I can move on to something else. My friends are horrified. I just finished hand quilting a huge king size quilt and need a break.


Such a beautiful piece. It's lovely to use fabrics you've dyed yourself, so one of a kind and special. Very vibrant, cheerful and great stitching - it's a "wow"

Jackie said...

I'm a bit of a fencewalker too. I love handstitching but machining is quick. I love both your pieces.

Art4Sol said...

This is truly beautiful...I just love the colors.

Annie Coe said...

Beautiful work! As usual :-).

Anonymous said...

The traditional piece looks stunning, so do the fabrics in your quilt!
I have tagged you, Lorie, please, check my blog if you like.