Monday, April 12, 2010

spring silk

oh my, have I loved doing this so..

I want to wear fact maybe I will! all hand dyed 100% silk ties.  I've been crazy with the silk lately, and have a few new art quilts to post here as well. I've also done a great deal of hand dyed silk yardage.. anyone think they need some? Check the Etsy store out for the goods..
Lord, it's beautiful weather. Love the Virginia spring time..

sheer color wonderful..


Elizabeth Seaver said...

Tres loved his silk tie. I'm glad I saw you on the day you were putting them out. They are just gorgeous!

Elizabeth said...

Silk and hand dyeing- it doesn't get much better with fiber work thatn this!!! Looking forward to seeing your new quilts!!!
Spring is just beautiful this year, isn't it!!!!