Wednesday, April 14, 2010

all done, for now

Wrapped up a submission for the ArtHouse co-op's "The Color Project' with some mini quilts, all about 9x11" and mixed media. 

All the above base on literary characters. Mixed media, fabric, paint, pages from the books, hand and machine stitching. The theme was to make the pieces primarily, red, blue, green or yellow. Above is the red, blue and yellow pieces..Poor Ophelia there in the blue, already becoming her ghost..

And I was so please with the silk hand dye results, I've used some of that in the 'green' piece, hand and machine made, with had stitching and hand spun wool yarn.


Matthew George said...

Thx for sharing the post. This post is inspiring the artiest.

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Deborah said...

They look great!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

The literary ones with figures are charming and wonderful! You are incredibly creative, and your work with color is very strong.

Elizabeth said...

Wonderful pieces!! I love Ophelia!!! The hand dyed silk pieces give such wonderful luster and depth like only silk can!!! Terrific!