Friday, October 17, 2008


We went from 85 to like 65 today, finally! This is starting a pretty busy time around here, I am in some craft shows, which I enjoy, so I'm taking a small break to post some bad pictures, sorry! Anyway, I always look forward to being at these events, but the prep is tiring. Hope you have a lovely weekend..
Some knitted goodies, scarves and shawls, and a few small quilts waiting to be tagged..


Jackie said...

No!! Too soon!! But I did deliver my first set of goods, for a Christmad show,on Thursday. We haven't had Bonfire night and you haven't had halloween yet.

Jackie said... see that Freudian slip? Christ -mad? You know what I meant.

Rachel said...

Good luck with your upcoming shows! And enjoy some cool-weather knitting, too : )

Annie Coe said...

Good luck at the fair!!!