Wednesday, October 22, 2008


The craft fair went well, I'm amazed at how creative people are with ordinary objects. I love the whole found/recycle idea people have. Making something creative and artistic out of stuff people discard. Bottles, cans, etc.. really amazing. Is there a separate category for these people? Green crafters, or such?
Anyway, here's some detail of a piece from a mixed media series I'm doing on the apostles. This is part of Peter, he who was a fisherman, who became a fisher of men! Mounted on canvas, it's fabric, netting, beads and paint... 24"x24"


Unknown said...

that's wonderful :D hope you have a great weekend, big hugs

gunnelsvensson said...

So creative and wonderful! Yes, I like the idea of create from recycle things! I have so much things already in my studio, yarns, threads, beads, fabrics, lace etc so I have promise me self not to buy new things before I have use my statsh, but of course I need some new threads or batting or so. And if I found some goodies at the fleamarket I can´t stop my self!
Have a nice wekeend!

Sharon said...

Thanks stopping by. Daughter Sharon also got her art degree from Long Beach. She now calls San Francisco home. I think they you both have good roots.

Rachel said...

I really like how you've combined different textures in this piece!