Monday, September 1, 2008

crazy quilting revisited

Over at Jude's blogs and Flickr group we are re-working the old crazy quilt blocks..take a look! Here, I've used whatever was floating around my studio to make this block, wool, cotton, cotton yarn, linen, and then layered, rather than pieced the block.. about 10 x10 ".


Karen said...

Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog. I am so busy at the moment, I just started a new job, but hope to get round visiting lots of blogs this weekend when everything has hopefully calmed down a bit! I appreciate your lovely comments and am so pleased to meet you!

Unknown said...

now I know what you mean by crazy quilting...happy week!!

ah..I've finally done it (again). Could not get any batik as most roads to KL town was blocked due to the Independance day parade, but I've got the pua kumbu from Kuching and others inside the pouch sent off today. rabbits ears crossed, you should get it max 10 days from today..if not let me know, hugs

Debra Dixon said...

I noticed these over at flickr and had to come by and see more details. Very nice!