Friday, February 3, 2012

Time to paint and sew

I delayed holiday gratification until February, and enrolled in Flora Bowley's 'Bloom True" online e-course. Because I love her paintings, and her funky groove-chic style. It all starts on Monday, and I have a notion to blog on the progress here. I've cleaned out the studio, restocked the paint table and am ready to go. I haven't looked forward to something like this in a LLoooonngg time. :D

Here are a few of Flora Bowley's gorgeous paintings. And more here..

Goregous aren't they? Can not wait to go for it on Monday!


Amy E Thompson said...

wow, they are gorgeous, thanks for sharing them!

Anna M. Branner said...

And I can't wait to watch your progress!

Elizabeth Seaver said...

What a fun thing to look forward to. I hope it is all you've dreamed of!

It was good to see you on Friday night.