Thursday, February 3, 2011


Color, beyond what it is, it's the thing we all seem to have an opinion on.  I remember teaching a class and a student said she had hated the color green. At the time, it didn't occur to me to ask why, but I suppose it is because she equated it with an unpleasant memory. An interesting thought, to eliminate an entire color based on a feeling. One that may need to be explored, perhaps?

I can confess that color is an area where I tend to show absolutely no restraint.

Maybe something to consider in this month of colornessness.  To make work with no color or at least to limit the color choices.

But not here.


Anonymous said...

in the past most of my work, when it involved color (which wasn't all the time) color was a choice and involved chemistry and heat. it was usually applied on small works. now as a dyer, it still involves chemistry and heat but working with large fields of many colors has really changed the way i see color-or should i say the way i feel color.
and for the student who said she doesn't like the color green. well, each to her own and all that but i would bet she could change her mind on that by spending some time in the shenandoahs in springtime. it's really to die for. or dye for.

nice one, this!

Valerie Kamikubo said...

I do remember as a child having to take some elixir type medication for bronchitis which was sort of a pearlized yellow-green color that always made me gag! As of this day, when I see that color (which thankfully is rare) I get a little unsettled. I suspect however, that your student has just not met the right green in the right context. The piece that you used in your post is an exquisite example of how just a bit of complimentary color can make all the difference in the world... very lovely Lorie!