Tuesday, November 9, 2010

in the studio

After a bit a of taking care of health, hearth, and home, I have moved to the studio for some cloth and thread therapy and dreams.  Of wide open spaces, clear blue skies and fields as far as the eye can see. You have driven past them all your life, haven't you? I have.

And the rivers, streams, brooks and creeks, wending their way around the earth. All the elements moving, moving and moving. We tend to think of them as static and unchanging, I think. But water, in particular, is such a force, even when still on top of a lake.

yes, even in the quiet shushing of the shoreline wave. Still moving moving moving.


Terri said...

Love your nature quilts!
<3 Terri

Elizabeth Seaver said...

Love 'em! How are you doing?

Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! I am the better for having viewed your art today!

Lorie McCown said...

Thank you! Elizabeth- I'm doing well!