Sunday, October 31, 2010


Not my favorite holiday, but I LOVED it as a kid. Who can argue?, candy, out past dark, dressing up. Some lovely, fall weather here lately, I've managed acceptance into the FCCA's Dec/Jan show, "Small Wonders" with this piece.. sorry the pictures are amatuer, I'll clean them up later.. It's "Stone" Hand and machine quilted, appliqued, and sewn. Made with hand dyed and commercial fabrics and floss..


Terri said...

If you want to get back some of the "wonder" of Halloween, dress up in a costume you accumulate from things around the house. We make a diorama in our garage for the kids. This year we're doing the greenhouse from Harry Potter. I've made up little plants for them to take and seed packets and of course there will be candy. I hope to put pictures on my blog... if I can figure out how that works now.
Love your quilt, too!
<3 Terri

Elizabeth said...

I love this new piece!!! It looks like FCCA is catching on to the textile art scene- or at least the Juros are, and that is TERRIFIC!!!!! WHOOO HOOO for us!!!

Unknown said...

Saw the detail of this on FB and had to check it out! Love the effect of all the stirps with the blue peeking through. Fantastic textures. Beautiful piece!!