Saturday, September 18, 2010


An interesting thought on jurried shows. I tend to get the 'yes's' from unlikely sources. From outsider shows, from non-art quilting venues and publications. I only just realized this, going through my submissions and rejections (I keep both!) files. Almost universal 'no's' from anything traditionally art-quilt related. Shows, publications. I wonder. Anyway I'm happy for the yeas, and for those who read this and have said no to me, it's all good. I do really appreciate the constructive comments. If it's no, then I like to know why. Presentation? workmanship? filled the quota? Feed back is always helpful.

So do you submit your art to shows? galleries? publications. I've noticed publications in particular are very subjective to the editors' taste. I know picking art is VERY subjective, one's blue ribbon is anther's 'no'.

I've also noticed publications' tendencies to stick with certain artists and their techniques or styles. I guess editors can explain it as cohesiveness, or sticking with a theme.

A nice and very interesting newish magazine is "Hand Eye" .. have you seen them yet? Check it out, especially if you are interested in hand work, ethnic arts and travel!

Enjoy your weekend!


susan m hinckley said...

Love your work! It's just beautiful. So glad your post popped up on my facebook feed. I have yet to unravel the mysteries of rejection and acceptance -- I think you said it best yourself: "One man's blue ribbon is another man's 'no'".

For my own work -- although I consider it to technically be "art quilting" it doesn't fit any of the popular 'styles' at present, so I stick with fine craft shows like the ACC. And when there are other fiber artists there, I find we're different enough that we can coexist very happily.

Jackie said...

I love submitting my work to shows but then if its not accepted I get soooo depressed. I recently had the opposite...acceptance and then sales. What a great feeling.

Anonymous said...

i have never entered anything in a show. for some reason, it just doesn't suit me!
every time i consider it i find i don't like to try to "fit" a piece of work into the confines of the show criteria.
i think what i do just isn't show "material"-pun intended!
i enjoy seeing other peoples work there though-

Chris Daly said...

I tend not to enter shows. I entered my first art quilt in our local show. It won a viewers choice award but some of the ladies in our guild were really upset because it was not a traditional quilt. I think a few more years and there may be separate categories for art quilts that use traditional fibers in non traditional ways. There are so many of us now and the group keeps getting larger!

Lorie McCown said...

Thanks for your comments, we work in a bubble of solitude, for the most part, I like reading your thoughts.