Friday, May 28, 2010

memorial day

Several years ago my son was in scouts and his troop plus a lot of others, had the task of setting up the luminaria which are lit every Memorial Day, here in Fredericksburg (the 2nd largest military park in the country) on the graves of some 15, 000 soldiers who died in the Battle of Fredericksburg, and surrounding battles. The number is mind boggling, and to see the luminaria lit at night is completely sublime. It is going on again this weekend..

Words really do not explain how powerful the sight is.  I had brought along a camera, as we made our way placing bags/sand and candles, and took several shots of the terraced grave sites. I made a quilt of the day sight of all those bags, flags and graves..

I'd started a nighttime scene as well, also in the works is a quilt of the Sunken Road, a place where a good part of the Battle of Fredericksburg took place..


Anna M. Branner said...

Greg and I finally went a couple of years ago. Not only did the quantity of lights impress me, but the solemn feel of all the people there as well. Everyone "got it". They play Taps intermittently. That always puts me over the emotional edge.

Ann Champion said...

I can imagine seeing the site in person would be pretty over whelming? Your memorial quilt is a wonderful tribute to those soldiers that have fallen. Well done!

Elizabeth said...

What nights does this run Lorie?? I would really like to see this with my family. Let me know when you get a chance. Simply an amazing and beautiful yet horribloe peacefully beautiful sight!

Morna Crites-Moore said...

Wonderful quilts.You should approach the park about having a show of your work to coincide with the Memorial Day weekend. You could show a combination of photos and quilts related to the event.

Deborah said...

Powerful and wonderful tribute quilt.

Suzanna said...

The photos and the quilt are so amazing. Thank you for posting this.
An excellent reminder.