Monday, February 9, 2009


Well, at least 2 of them! These began as part of 'crazy quilting revisited" group, organized by Jude. Now they are on their way to here..starting in March! For sale!

Balm of Gilead:

Hand sewn, with cotton, wool and floss, hand and machine quilted, and mounted on canvas. 12x12" signed on the back.

A voice in the wilderness:
Hand and machine stitched, and quilted, embroidery floss, cotton and wool fabric, paper and yarn. Mounted on canvas.. 12x12"

These are going to be in APW gallery in NYC, starting in March.."World of Imagination" exhibit.


Jackie said...

Congratulations. Well done. I hope you have a great exhibition with these lovely pieces

Acornmoon said...

Hi Lorie,

Nice to meet you, thanks for visiting my blog. You have some very interesting work here which I shall enjoy looking at in more detail. I see we are fans of Kayla Koo.