Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, school's back in session, so I can ease off the 5am work start. If I don't get distracted. I am happy to have the quiet back, though..I think better.

I am contemplating a big camera upgrade, I think I enjoy the picture taking a lot more than I used to..

These are two separate pieces, that I'm working on. The top is a landscape quilt/fiber piece that's a lot of couched down fabric and embroidery embellishment. I've used the machine on some of it too. These things tend to come in 3's..interesting. Maybe I'm used to thinking in series form, which I love.
The one below is a horizontal landscape the top 1/2 done with strips of fabric sewn and folded down. The bottom 1/2 is again, couched down and then is getting heavily embellished w/floss and beads. Some dyed scrim in there too..

There's another one going on w/underwater elements in it..more pic's coming..
Hope you have a creative week!


hens teeth said...

Gorgeous textures and colours. Happy creating!

arlee said...

The top one is such a lovely colour and technique---beautiful!

jude said...

great texture you have going on here.

Jackie said...

I agree fabulous soft texture.

Annie Coe said...

These look very interesting, Great colors and textures.