Monday, November 24, 2008


I've been working both on the knitting and the quilting a lot lately. I've concentrated on scarves and shawls for the knitting, and smaller, intimate quilts here. I love embellishing the quilts (and scarves) to personalize them. Hand and machine stitched, beaded and sewn. About 9x11"..
Very satisfying projects to do in an afternoon or two..
When we lived in S. Florida, I bought several hanging pointsetta baskets for the holidays. Of course, there, you can just hang them out anywhere. After the holidays, I planted them along the side of our house, as I hate to just get rid of something. By July, they were over my head, and bush-like. Amazing.


Unknown said...

You've been busy busy :) lovely quilt as usual

Michelle Glauser said...

Wow. Beautiful.