Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, if I had unlimited resources, I would go bonkers buying all the Colinette, and Noro yarn I could. I really love artistic yarns, texture and especially color! However, that is not the case! The shawl is Colinette, giotto (love love this yarn) and mohair..the scarf is Noro Kureyon..


Annie Coe said...

I love those scarves!

Rachel said...

I'm in love with Noro yarn, too! Your knitting looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

a little known fact about me is that i created a knitting shop called Knitropoilis for 3 years and my favorite yarns were also the collinette and noro lines with the addition of the manos del uruguay yarns. all for very similar reasons- i often think of judy at manos when i am dying ribbon-even though it was imported..i just loved what could be knit with it!